After-School Coding & Robotics Classes

Premium in-person STEM classes for Grade 2-12 leading to career certification.

20 Confidence

Programs to help children thrive socially
and academically

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Equip your child with skills to build
a successful career


Build self-esteem, resilience
and confidence

Technology and job requirements are changing rapidly.

As parents, we all want to equip our children for a bright future, and we realize that traditional education is focused on more traditional skills. 

Skill Samurai equips children with future-ready STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). 

Skill Samurai offers 4 different Career Pathways with 1,200 hours of curriculum designed to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond. 

Our mission

Children are being consumed
by devices and technology

Our mission is to help kids channel their obsession
and turn it into something that helps them, instead of consuming them.
Your child deserves a fun place that helps them explore and understand technology.
Amazing concept, teach your kids something that nobody else teaches. Love the staff!


My son absolutely loves it. He’s building his own video game and is learning so much. He looks forward to each class and can’t wait for the next one.


My son took his first Minecraft class and loved it. Coding is now by far his favourite activity.



At Skill Samurai™, we believe

that children should have access to a fun and inspiring curriculum that prepares them for their future!
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A coach will guide your child through their first exciting class! Depending on their age, they'll learn to code a game, a website or Artificial Intelligence.


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Choose the membership option that best suits you. On their next visit, we'll introduce your child to other students to ensure they feel confident and included.


Grow & Thrive

Watch as your child develops a passion for life-long learning. They'll look forward to their classes each week and will love completing courses and earning badges!

Turn screen time into something more valuable!

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We are committed to ensuring a fun and inspiring learning environment.
If your child has a particular interest or passion, we can even create a completely tailored learning path. Want 12 weeks of robotics, followed by animation, followed by Roblox game design? No problem!

Build self-esteem, resilience and

20 Confidence

Programs that help children develop teamwork
and leadership skills

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Improve problem solving skills
and concentration

Will your child be ready?

85% of Jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet

Dell Technologies & the Institute For The Future.

Summer Camps

Kids have a blast in our Summer camps, they also learn career-ready skills... Just don't tell them it's educational!

Game Development

Kart Racing with Unity and C#

3. minecraft

Minecraft Modding

Junior Astronaut Camp

The You Tube Creator

Skill Samurai curriculum incorporates popular games and platforms that kids love

Kids Birthday Parties

Your child will be the coolest kid in school when they celebrate their Birthday at Skill Samurai. Just choose a theme and we'll make sure your child has a Birthday to remember!