Below are most of the frequently asked questions.

Skill Samurai is an after-school coding center for children ages 7-14. We provide a great curriculum, along with tools, mentorship, and other resources based around computer science for a quality educational experience. The experience at Skill Samurai is fun, engaging, and thorough. Providing a fantastic learning environment that our students love and feel comfortable in is a big focus!

Skill Samurai was created by Jeff Hughes in 2014, when he realized the his kid’s school had 3 computers for over 300 students. 

He wanted to make sure that his children, and other children had the opportunity to learn the skills that they will need for future careers.

Enrolling in Skill Samurai is much different than a typical, adult-style computer science education or an online course. Kids don’t like lectures and the idea of going to another school after school can sound boring. Instead, our students learn computer science through playing. We give them real projects to tackle, such as building the same games they’ve played before, while learning coding principles along the way. Students develop games, play them, and then share their masterpieces with each other. Additional topics, such as virtual reality contribute to a more diverse skill set. The result is a fun, collaborative learning environment unique to a traditional coding school.

Skill Samurai offers more courses than other coding schools. 

We are the only enrichment education company that can show parents a clear pathway between our classes for elementary age students and high paying careers.

We offer a wide range of career certification courses to help students qualify for entry level careers.

A typical day of camp looks like this:
Check in between 8:45 and 9
9:00-9:15 Mixer game to help the campers get to know each other.
9:15-10:15 Computer time. (Since our classes are based on the abilities of the campers, not every camper will work on the same programs. We will do our best to make sure your child is learning, and having a great time. We will often try different learning platforms with the campers until we find the one that connects with them.)
10:15-10:30 “Recess” Students step away from their computers, eat their morning snack and hang out. We offer board games and Ga Ga Ball for them to play during breaks. Weather permitting we head outside.
10:30-12:00 Back on the computers
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Students hang out and play outside.
1:00-2:00 Computers
2:00-2:45 Group game/activity. We want the campers to be active and to get to know each other. We also want them to learn problem solving so they do STEM activities every day.
2:45-3:00 Recess
3:00-3:45 Back on the computers. During this part of the day we try to give students challenges based on what they are learning.
3:45 Log out
4:00 Pick up, or playing on your own devices until students are picked up.
Parents are encouraged to pick up their camper between 3:45 – 4:00 pm.

Level 1
Arguing, swearing, refusing to listen, being inappropriate, personal space issues.

1st incident:
Time out, removal from activity or loss of privileges, followed by debrief.
2nd incident:
Time out, removal from activity or loss of privileges, followed by debrief. Meeting with Center Director. Brainstorm possible solutions. Phone call home to update parents to work on solutions together.
3rd incident:
Time out, removal from activity or loss of privileges, followed by debrief
Phone call home by Center Director and likely removal from Skill Samurai.
Level 2
Violence (i.e. hurting others, self, or property); stealing or threatening violence.

1st incident:
Meeting with Center Director and learning coach to brainstorm possible solutions.
Phone call home to parents/guardians and to work on solutions. Consequence and behavior contract or removal from class.
2nd incident:

Any student removed from class will need to be picked up from center immediately by their parent. They will not be permitted to to finish out the day. They will be removed from all activities and wait with the Center Director for your arrival. If you are unable to pick them up, a ride will be arranged with one of your emergency contacts.

We understand needs and priorities change, and you may need to cancel classes. We do request that you give us a 30 day notice of intent to cancel. You may do that by sending us an email with the date that you would like to stop. However, we are not able to refund you for any classes that you have missed in the months before.

Our Camp cancellation policy is as follows. 

30 days prior to the start of camp refund minus a $10 processing fee

14 days prior to the start of camp 75% refund.

7 days prior to the start of camp 50% refund.

Less than 7 days prior to the start of camp, no refund. 

Our refund policy is strong because many of our summer programs sell out, and the closer that we get to the start of camp, the harder it is to find a replacement.  In many cases, our owners have paid for staff, equipment and software, and those funds are not refundable. 

Yes, absolutely, you are able to pause your membership for 2 months per year. If you want to pause your child’s classes for a month or two, please send us an email with your child’s name, the months that you would like to pause, and an expected date that you would come back. We will pause your child’s payment and classes for the duration that you request. We do request that you use up your makeup classes the month before.

Public School computer education is a good start, but even though they also offer classes such as math and PE, parents still use help of tutors to have their children learn math and enroll in team sports. School gives the bare minimum, while developing a solid skill such as coding takes time, practice, consistency and effort outside of class. We offer the opportunity to make that happen.

You’re likely opposed to screen time because it’s seen as useless and purely a form of entertainment. That’s understandable. Screen time at Skill Samurai is productive, where students use technology to develop technical expertise, amongst other skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and more. Kids are truly enjoying and taking pride in their work, while learning valuable skills they aren’t getting anywhere else. We’re contributing to your child adopting better habits through building new games and apps, which will set them up for success down the road.

Our programs are designed for students between the ages of 8 and 18.

Our courses are made for children as young as 8. Children younger than 8 may take them, but they will need to be able to read at 2nd grade level and may need more support from our Coding coaches or parents.

No experience is required to be enrolled in Skill Samurai. We accommodate all types of students and experience levels.

As many as you like! We have flexible programs to accommodate the needs of almost every family. Kids can attend as little as once a week and see good progress through our drop-in program. 

No, Skill Samurai provides computers for students to work on. 

  1. All students need to bring headphones.
  2. Minecraft students are required to have their own license for the Java version of Minecraft, which can be purchased at minecraft.net.  Please note that Minecraft for consoles, and portable devices, or the free version, are not compatible with modding in Minecraft.
  3. Roblox students should bring their Roblox account information. 
  4. Youtube students need to bring a Youtube (Gmail) account, a recording device and the required cords to attach them to our computers. 

At Skill Samurai, out coach training is as important as our curriculum. Your child’s safety and experience are paramount. 
All team members must undergo rigorous training before they are allowed to work with your child. 
Here are some of the training topics that we cover; 
• Becoming a Youth Development Professional

• Bullies and Targets

• Mental, Emotional and Social Health (MESH)

• Safe Touch & Safe Talk (Acceptable behaviour)

• Helping Awkward Children Fit In

• Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Cross-Cultural Agility• Day Camp Dynamics

• Cultural Competence in Youth Programs

• Gender and Sexuality in Youth Programs

• Programming For All (Differently Abled Youth)

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Preventing Gossip and Relational Aggression

• Child Welfare and Protection• Cyberbullying and Sexting

• Duty of Care

•  Coaches also go through  rigorous computer programming training.
Plus, all of our coaches are certified by STEM.org.
As you can see, our training is comprehensive. At Skill Samurai, we believe in creating a fun and safe space for your child… That’s why we insist on world class development of our staff.