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How It Works

Hire from the largest career readiness education company.

Students complete a 10 month-professional training and certification course prior to being matched with your company. They'll be ready to start strong on day one. 

Bring us your hiring needs

Let us know what type of skilled staff you are looking to hire. Our apprentices are looking to pick up a wide range of transferrable skills and create value for your business.


The curriculum is completely customized select from: Full Stack Developers, front end developers, cyber security and Cloud certifications.

Talent Pool

You will be given acess to our talent portal to find the best fit for your team. You'll be able to review candidate profiles and set up interviews right away

Weekly Support

Skill Samurai have access to ongoing training from mentors, and coaches to help them grow as employees at your company. Business partners will have regular calls with Skill Samurai to ensure that thier apprentice is working out.

Why Hire From Skill Samurai?

● 10 months immersive training
● 1:1 mentorship with industry experts
● Project based learning
● 800 hrs of learning & assignments
● Industry vetted course content

● Frontend Developers
● Backend Developers
● Software Development Engineers
● Certified Cybersecurity Specialists   

● AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Ali Cloud certified

You pay your apprentice a minimum of $2,500 per month for 6 months,  provide an opportunity for at least one self-guided project, and maintain communication with Skill Samurai staff through monthly check-ins.

It’s low cost, and low risk. Skill Samurai trains and vest the best and brightest students who are ready to start thier career.

Tap into our talent pool

Hire a Samurai

Partner with us to create a long-term talent-pool, to source candidates that are aligned to your skill requirements, available all year round! We work closely with you to solve your Entry-Level tech hiring needs.

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