Course Description

Minecraft Modding 2 - Kids Coding Classes

Skill Samurai Minecraft 2 Core provides a deeper look at game development using Minecraft. Covering key computer programming concepts such as Complex Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Inheritance, and Randomization, we build a series of progressively more rigorous projects that build students’ understanding of computer science. Students will build exciting mods like lucky blocks, magic armor, custom biomes, and epic weapons.

Skill Samurai's research-based, project based learning (PBL) approach to Minecraft 2 keeps the learning fun and engaging, while ensuring a solid foundation in CS.

Upon successful completion of Minecraft 2 Core, CodaKid students will be ready to graduate to Minecraft 3 Core.

Minecraft 2 Core Curriculum – Ages 8+

The Minecraft 2 Core course normally takes between 4 and 6 months to complete, depending upon course frequency, the student’s prior programming experience, and student’s dedication to our homework assignments. Our student-centered teaching approach allows us to progress at the student’s pace and our homework assignments are designed to promote independent mastery of the concepts covered. The projects in Minecraft 2 Core are longer and more complex, and will produce more interesting mods that further enhance and alter gameplay.


Trooper M1: Project 1: Conditionals, Loops, Randomization


Trooper M2: Project 2: Recursion


Trooper M3: Project 3: Lists, Classes


Trooper M3: Project 4: Complex Conditionals, Inheritance

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