Course Description

Python 1 - Kids Coding Classes

In this beginner course, Skill Samurai provides foundational computer science training using Python. Covering key coding concepts such as basic conditionals, loops, and print statements, we build a series of progressively more rigorous projects that provide a solid foundation in Python programming.

Skill Samurai's research-based, project based learning (PBL) approach to Python 1 keeps the learning fun and engaging, while ensuring a solid foundation in CS.

Upon completion of Python 1 Core, students will be ready to advance to Python 2 Core.

Python 1 Core Curriculum – Ages 8+

The Python 1 Core course normally takes between 4 and 6 months to complete, depending upon course frequency (1:1 versus 1:1 Accelerated), the student’s prior coding experience, and the student’s consistency in completing homework assignments. Our teachers move at the student’s pace, and spend time ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of key concepts.


Explorer P1: Project 1 Introduction to Python, Conditionals, Loops


Explorer P2: Project 2: Conditionals and Variables


Explorer P3: Project 3: Loops, Functions, Lists, Variables


Explorer P4: Project 4: Functions, Complex Conditionals


Explorer P5: Project 5: Classes, Complex Loops


Explorer P6: Project 6: Problems and Puzzles


Explorer P7: Final Project

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