Course Description

Python 3 - Kids Coding Classes

Skill Samurai Python 3 Core delves into advanced software development using Python. Projects in this track are longer and more complex, and build upon the foundations we established in Python 2.

Upon successful completion of Python 3 Core, Skill Samurai students will be ready to graduate to other Core, and Elective tracks.

Python 3 Core Curriculum – Ages 10+
The Python 3 Core course normally takes between 4 and 6 months to complete, depending upon the number of sessions per week, the student’s previous coding experience, and student’s attention to homework assignments. The projects in Python 3 Core are longer and more complex than Python 2, and are designed to prepare students for our Advanced Electives.


Captain P1: Project 1: Advanced Loops, Complex Conditionals


Captain P2: : Project 2: Algorithms


Captain P3: Project 3: Client server multiplayer game programming


Captain P4: Final Project

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