Course Description

Roblox 1 - Kids Coding Classes

In this beginner course, Skill Samurai provides foundational computer science training using Lua. Covering key coding concepts such as basic conditional statements, loops, and print statements, we build a series of progressively more rigorous projects that provide a solid foundation in Roblox programming. Students will build awesome games including Obstacle Courses, Adventure Maps, and a Pet Sim.

Skill Samurai's research-based, project based learning (PBL) approach to Roblox 1 keeps the learning fun and engaging, while ensuring a solid foundation in CS.

Upon completion of Roblox 1 Core, students will be ready to advance to Roblox 2 Core.

Roblox 1 Core Curriculum – Ages 8+

The Roblox 1 Core course normally takes between 1 and 2 months to complete, depending upon course frequency (1:1 versus 1:1 Accelerated), the student’s prior coding experience, and the student’s consistency in completing homework assignments. Our teachers move at the student’s pace, and spend time ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of key concepts.


Explorer R1: Project 1 Introduction to Roblox, Conditionals, Functions


Explorer R2: Project 2: Conditionals, Variables, Functions


Explorer R3: Project 3: Loops, Functions, Lists, Variables


Explorer R4: Project 4: Functions, Complex Conditionals


Explorer R5: Final Project

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