Course Description

Roblox 2 - Kids Coding Classes

Skill Samurai Roblox 2 Core provides a deeper look at game development using Roblox. Covering key computer programming concepts such as Complex Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Inheritance, and Recursion, we build a series of progressively more rigorous projects that build students’ understanding of computer science. Students will build awesome games including Racing maps, Dodgeball, and an Infinite Runner!

Skill Samurai’s research-based, project based learning (PBL) approach to Roblox 2 keeps the learning fun and engaging, while ensuring a solid foundation in CS.

Upon successful completion of Roblox 2 Core, CodaKid students will be ready to graduate to Roblox 3 Core.

Roblox 2 Core Curriculum – Ages 9+
The Roblox 2 Core course normally takes between 2 and 4 months to complete, depending upon course frequency, the student’s prior programming experience, and student’s dedication to our homework assignments. Our student-centered teaching approach allows us to progress at the student’s pace and our homework assignments are designed to promote independent mastery of the concepts covered. The projects in Roblox 2 Core are longer and more complex, and will produce interesting games and apps that can be played with friends and family.


Trooper R1: Project 1: Complex Conditionals, Nested Loops, Functions


Trooper R2: Project 2: Recursion, Classes


Trooper R3: Project 3: Final Project

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