Course Description

Scratch 3 - Kids Coding Classes

Diving deeper into key coding concepts such as event listeners, functions, and complex loops we start to solve problems independently within the platform.

Upon completion of Scratch 3 Foundations, students will be ready for Skill Samurai Core Curriculum in Python Programming, Lua Programming with Roblox, or Java Programming with Minecraft.

Scratch 3 Foundations Curriculum – Ages 7 To 10
Skill Samurai Scratch 3 Foundations delves into advanced game development using MIT’s Scratch 3.0 platform. Projects in this course are longer and more complex, and build upon the foundations we established in Scratch 2. Upon successful completion of Scratch 3 Foundations, Skill Samurai students will be ready to graduate to Skill Samurai’s Core Curriculum that introduces text-based coding with professional languages and tools


Warrior S1: Project 1: Advanced Loops, Complex Conditionals


Warrior S2: Project 2: Functions, Mathematical Operators


Warrior S3: Project 3: Clones, Strings, Complex Conditionals


Warrior S4: Project 5: Scratch 3 Problems and Puzzles


Warrior S5: Final Project

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