Coding Camps

Since 2014, tens of thousands of parents have trusted Skill Samuai summer camps. 

Adventures in Minecraft Modding

Summer Camps

Take Minecraft to the next level! This introductory Minecraft modding course teaches students how to make custom mods for Minecraft using drag and drop blocks (similar to Scratch). Code Minecraft...

Minecraft Modding Fundamentals July 4-9

MINECRAFT MODDING FUNDAMENTALS Minecraft Modding Fundamentals July 4-9 9 AM-4 PM In our popular Minecraft Modding Fundamentals Camp, students will plan, design, and program a series of exciting Minecraft mods...

Streaming Camp

Summer Camps

  So you’re a fan of Twitch, you have a game or talent that you want to share with the world, and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and...

Adventures in Roblox

Summer Camps

Build Roblox Games Code, test and then publish your own Roblox games. From building your own Obby to launching a tycoon game, we will teach you all the skills you...

Character Design Camp

Summer Camps

Blender is a free and open-source software, making it popular among hobbyists and indie game developers alike. This software is a complete package and not only has 3D modeling tools...

3D Game Development with Roblox Battle Royale

Summer Camps

In this popular camp students will create a Fortnite-style Battle Royale game in Roblox! Students will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming concepts using the...

Roblox Entrepreneur Camp

Summer Camps

Roblox Entrepreneur: Imaginative Game Design Roblox is one of the fastest-growing game creation platforms on the planet, with more than 100 million players per month and top developers making over...

Mincecraft Creation Essentials

In this beginner course,  Skill Samurai provides foundational computer science training using Java and Minecraft. Covering key coding concepts such as basic conditional statements, loops, and functions, we build a...

2D Game Design Camp

Summer Camps

Intro to 2D Game Design with GDevelop You want to learn game development but don’t know how to get started? Or you’ve tried some tutorials already, but you don’t feel...

Movie Producer Camp

Summer Camps

Movie Production Camp Learn filmmaking by editing a short film. Starting with multiple professionally shot clips, students will edit two complete scenes comprised of over 90 clips. Video and Film...

Influencer Camp

Summer Camps

Does your child dream of becoming an influencer?  Through this camp, students will learn the ins and outs of what it takes master content creation for social media. Students will...

A Fun and Innovative Summer Camp experience conveniently located in Windham, NH

Weekly Enrollment Will Be Limited to Maintain a Safe Camp Environment

Safety is a Top Priority

We will provide a safe space for campers in light of Covid-19

Limited Enrollment

Reduced capacity to ensure safety, quality, and the overall camp experience this summer.

Award-Winning Programs

Offering the most stimulating and innovative programs for kids of all ages and interests.

Flexibility and Free Extended Care

Weekly Sessions. New Themes every week. Free extended care.

Adult-Led Professional Staff

Low Ratios, professional friendly staff with computer backgrounds and summer camp experience.


Every Week is a New Theme

Weekly Enrollment Limited By Age Group for Safety and Quality
Skill Samurai Camps Offer Campers Powerful Experiences to Develop Confidence, Self-Expression, Empathy, Self-Esteem, and Interpersonal Skills.
Kids have a blast in our Summer camps, they also learn career-ready skills... Just don't tell them it's educational!

Game Development Camp

Artificial Intelligence Camp

3. minecraft

Minecraft Modding Camp

Roblox Camp

You Tube Creator Camp

Robotics Camp

Skill Samurai Prides Itself on Engaging Campers’ Learning Styles Using Compelling Summer Camp Activities and Immersive Experiences.
Parents, Need a Break from the Hustle and Bustle of the School Year? Rushing All Over the Area? Constantly Scrambling?
Skill Samurai Camps presents new weekly themes and a variety of relevant technology, engineering, sports, arts, innovation, movement, and FUN! The Skill Samurai philosophy and approach to teaching is based on enrichment with a primary focus on experimentation, confidence-building, positivity, and character building. Beginners, intermediate, and experienced creators are all welcome!
A Blend of Fun, Experimental Learning, Positivity, and Tradition
Designed to be a traditional day camp and an innovative art, science, technology-based program for students age 8-16, our camp provides a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive summer camp experience unlike any other. Skill Samurai STEM Summer Camp Programs are the finest in the Windham, NH area. Extended care is free and included, allowing both kids and parents alike to benefit from an enjoyable, convenient, and stress-free experience. For the past 6 years, our company has been delivering creative summer camps worldwide to over 10,000 students offering unique programming for the entire family.
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