Adventures in Minecraft Modding

Toronto Beaches 1767 Queen St E, Toronto, ON, ON

Take Minecraft to the next level! This introductory Minecraft modding course teaches students how to make custom mods for Minecraft using drag and drop blocks (similar to Scratch). Code Minecraft Mods Programming your own Minecraft mods has never been easier. We provide all the tools and tutorials to write Java code to create Minecraft games, we then...

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Mincecraft Creation Essentials

Toronto Beaches 1767 Queen St E, Toronto, ON, ON

In this beginner course,  Skill Samurai provides foundational computer science training using Java and Minecraft. Covering key coding concepts such as basic conditional statements, loops, and functions, we build a series of progressively more rigorous projects that provide a solid foundation in Java programming. Students will build a number of custom mods including swords, blocks,...

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